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Wall Hangings & Coverings in Santa Monica

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Having a tasteful wall hanging or tapestry adorning the surfaces of your home is a perfect way to achieve an ambience of elegance and beauty. However, as these graceful coverings hang for months and years at a time, they will soon succumb to wear from dust, oil, and light exposure. To maintain their gorgeous condition, it is important to schedule our excellent services for wall hangings and coverings in Santa Monica. At FibermarkMTC, our technicians will apply the greatest attention and devotion to ensure that your hangings and tapestries retain their stellar appearance and texture.

Give us a call now at (310) 399-2066 if you have any questions about tapestries or wall coverings in your Santa Monica home.

We Carefully Clean Your Wall Hangings & Tapestries

Because these types of wall décor often tend to be very old and delicate, as well as fragile from being exposed to light from nearby windows, hangings and tapestries require the utmost care when they are being cleaned. We always treat each furnishing with supreme patience, since skipping any step of the process could lead to your priceless belonging losing some of its beauty and value.

We start by very carefully vacuuming these types of furnishings to remove accumulated debris. The dust that has collected over time will create an oily, sooty type film across the fibers of the tapestry that must be removed. In some cases, more precise vacuuming is necessary to break up the dirt and oils before removing them from the fibers without harming, fraying, or breaking them. After testing tiny portions of the fabric to ensure that the colors and textures are fully preserved, we can utilize our specialized fabric cleaning process to remove any stains caused by water, grease, or any other problematic substance.

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Care for All Kinds of Wall Hangings

At FibermarkMTC, our specialists handle all types of wall hangings, no matter the type of fabric or textile. We are confident that we can thoroughly clean your priceless décor or piece of art, even if it has been sitting in the attic collecting dust for many years. We have safely restored tapestries made of cotton, wool, and linen, and can even clean those which include strands made of other alternatives, from silk to silver to gold.

You can feel completely assured when entrusting your wall hanging to our care, including those such as:

  • Single weft tapestries
  • Double weft tapestries
  • Triple weft tapestries
  • Tapestries made from combined warp and weft

Why You Should Only Seek Out Cleaning from Specialists

It is never a good idea to attempt a DIY project of cleaning any piece of furniture, rug, upholstery, or décor in your home, but we cannot stress enough the importance of always seeking out professional care when it comes to restoring the beauty of your wall hangings and coverings in Santa Monica and beyond. Harsh scrubbing could chafe or tangle the specialized weft working of tapestries, while cleaning products that may be safe for normal fabrics could damage the delicate colors of the images and patterns. Trust in our experts to safeguard your wall hangings with utmost dedication and patience.

Call us today at (310) 399-2066 or contact us online to benefit from a free estimate for tapestry cleaning from our professionals at FibermarkMTC.

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