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Santa Monica Leather Repair

Restoring Your Leather Furniture to Superior Condition

If you are looking for professional leather repair services in Santa Monica and beyond, our team at FibermarkMTC wants to assure you that you have come to the right place. Every issue that might have hurt your beautiful couch or antique armchair can be countered with our supreme care.

All forms of treatment, from full re-dyeing, spot dyeing, refinishing, and even changing the color of leather can be superbly accomplished with our expert repair services. We can also repair leather damaged by head oils, hand oils, scrapes, and scratches from dogs and cats. Leather which has been urinated upon can be fully refinished with the odor removed, so you no longer have to hold your breath whenever you enter the living room.

Get in touch with us now at (310) 399-2066 to ask any questions you may regarding specialist care for Santa Monica leather repair.

Careful Inspections for Preparing Your Leather for Repair

While it is never a good idea to take shortcuts for any kind of restoration for fabrics, textiles, or other sensitive surfaces, this is especially true for your furniture and appliances that are made from leather. Leather requires particular care when it is being repaired, since each distinct type of leather may require a different method of treatment. The kind of grain or pebbling of a leather, as well as any coating of protection or paint, will greatly affect the methodology utilized for repairs. In addition to the cuts and finishes, even the thickness of the leather can influence the way that seams are repaired. Our specialists will first identify the type of leather furnishing you have, and then respond with the perfect option for treatment.

Our seasoned technicians can repair multiple types of leathers, including:

  • Aniline, pure, naked, or natural leather (also called “unprotected” leather)
  • Semi-aniline, painted, or pigmented leather (also called “protected” leather)
  • Nubuck, suede, chaps, or bomber leather
  • Bi-cast leather

Your Trusted Service Experts Since 1963

leather repair

Our Complete Process for Repairing Your Leather Furniture & Furnishings

When you come to our team for leather repair, you may initially be feeling a sense of despair that your ruined upholstery or furnishing could ever be fixed. Our empathetic technicians want you to take hope, however, because our superior, comprehensive repairs have bordered on what customers have termed as miraculous.

Depend on our experts to provide amazing repairs for leather in all forms, including solutions for:

  • Spot dyeing
  • Full re-dyeing
  • Refinishing
  • Tear or scratch removal
  • Color-changing
  • Leather-filling
  • Antiquing
  • Leather alterations
  • Correcting fading from light exposure
  • Repatching sections or entire parts

True Satisfaction for Our Loyal Customers

Our utter professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile here at FibermarkMTC has constantly contributed to our stellar reputation. To learn more about how customers have loved our leather repair projects, just look online to discover various testimonials not just from residents in Santa Monica, but from all around the world.

Call us today at (310) 399-2066 or contact us online, and we would love to offer you a complimentary estimate for supreme Santa Monica leather repair.

Our Reputation

'“Also, it was done quickly and I highly recommend FiberMark.”'
- Annie A.

' “Our company, MODERN RESALE, has been using Fibermark for many years. We have never been disappointed in the quality of work or service they provide.”'
- Marlise S.

'“Far exceeded expectations, to say the least.”'
- Frank M.

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